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Adam Tanel

Adam is a cyclist, a bike accident lawyer and (not surprisingly) a cycling advocate. He represents cyclists who have suffered catastrophic injuries as a result of traffic accidents and practices with the law firm of Thomson, Rogers.

Thomson Rogers is a national leader in the Personal Injury industry.  It has advocated for the rights of cyclists, in and out of the courtroom, who have suffered such catastrophic injuries such as brain injury, spinal cord injury, amputation and death.  To learn more about the lawyers at Thomson Rogers, click here.

“Cycling should not be dangerous”, says Adam, “if everyone paid attention and followed the rules of the road there would be far few accidents.  Furthermore, the City has tremendous obligations to make sure that cyclists are safe.” In his roles as a cycling advocate and bike accident lawyer, Adam is determined to hold the city responsible of insuring safer cycling infrastructure. His passion for increased cycling safety led him to run for Toronto City Council in 2014. As a candidate, he was a signatory to the CycleTO “Minimum Grid” pledge. His campaign team, working hand-in-hand with local cycling advocates, proposed the most ambitious expansion of Toronto’s bike paths of any candidate in the 2014 election. Following the election, Adam returned to Thomson Rogers, where he works with the victims of catastrophic accidents.

Adam enjoys cycling to and from his Bay Street office throughout the year. He is a regular participant in the “Bells on Yonge” ride to promote safe cycling. He also enjoys biking trips throughout Canada and the United States. Read more about Adam’s involvement in the cycling community on his blog.

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